Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 2011

Yep, I am trying to post atleast once a month. Unfortunately, today's opportunity is a sad memory of 9/11. Just like everyone in America, I too remember where I was, the hopelessness, the confusion, the sheer panic. Haven't lived in NYC during the attacks I was a first hand witness to the raw pain felt by everyone in town. I unfortunately was standing in the hallway taking my class to the bathroom. I had all the girls lined up against the wall, sending them in 2 at a time, when someone flung the door open to the teacher's lounge. The very same lounge that had a TV on. I held the door open as I realized that it looked like the news was showing one of the towers fall and saying that this was actual live footage. How could that be, how could the building be falling? I was sure that this was some kind of phony news show. It just wasn't funny. But, they kept saying it was live and happening now. All I could think off, was where was my family? My dad had a doctors appt that week in manhattan, was here anywhere near the wtc??? How about my sister, she has always worked in the city, where was she? My goodness was john working in the city today, did he have to go to the union building today in lower manhattan. I had to hear my kids voices...were they okay??? What about the little life stirring inside of me. True, I was pregnant with my last child. Would I live long enough to give birth to her. What other attacks were being waged against us? What would happen next?

Now, ten years later, many have forgotten what it felt like, the unity that we self-imposed. The love of mankind, a need for a safer future, the anger, and sadness we all felt. No, I am not a politician, I am just a kindergarten teacher who loves her life, her friends, her family, her country. Who will always have that image embedded in my mind. I will never forget. Please carry the torch and remind others what 9/11 really stands for - the beginning of our fight for freedom. Don't ever forget the lives that were lost on that day that made us appreciate our lives everyday. Remember how blessed you are!

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